Boobeescoot Music Logo

Developing a logo for musician Frank McComb’s Record label Boobeescoot Music was directly influenced by the origin of the name itself which added to the fun of creating the design.

The name “Boobeescoot” was the nickname given to Frank’s daughter when she was a toddler, before that detail was ever shared with me, the feeling I got from the name was one of fun, so that was the first approach I thought should be central to the design, when I heard the origin story I knew that it would be the way to approach the concept.

The undulating text not only came to represent the bouncy movement of a toddler, but also the way that notes visually undulate on a page of sheet music or when they might sound when played along a scale. Adding the B-flat music symbol as the shape for the two B letters in the design was done to give the mark even more of a music-related connection.

The logo is now seen on Frank’s music releases,  including these recordings, for which I created the cover art.