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Frank McComb: Live at The Bitter End CD Package

In 2013, Frank McComb decided to record a tribute album to great Donny Hathaway, I had the great privilege to design the album’s packaging. The legendary guitarist George Benson (a friend of Frank’s) had urged the singer-pianist to record the homage at the Bitter End rock club in New York City where Hathaway had recorded one of his most enduring live albums. While Frank was performing a series of concerts in the Birmingham area, he discussed the project with me. I had worked on a couple of his album covers prior to this one which he famously printed and packaged by hand himself. Understanding the significance of this production, I made the suggestion that Frank have this one specially printed and packaged by cd manufacturer, as I believed it would be a true collector’s item. To that end, I took on the challenge creating the crowdfunding campaign that funded the production of the CD album). The very talented photographer Fleur Huijsdens flew in from the Netherlands to not only witness the concert, but to photograph and video record segments of it for the album package. Fleur captured the outstanding images that I used to design the package for the album and also recorded the videos used to promote the campaign. Between Frank’s impressive talents as a salesman, the promotion efforts we made and the dedicated support of his fan base, we reached the set goal with 5 days to spare. To this day, I feel truly honored to have played a part in helping to package this amazing recording by this incredible artist.

Graphic Design