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It’s more than a table – it plays a central role in the day-to-day interactions of people in two rapidly evolving companies. It has connected craftspeople, suppliers and designers from cities across the North West. These tables embody the inventid approach to design to create functional products that are as responsible as they are beautiful.

Running the campaign with the timeline approach got a little more interesting when dealing with GPS-data that may or may not be accurate; how do you interpolate coordinates?

We created a virtual timeline to which all events (GPS-coordinates, tweets, services provided and donations) were mapped. These anchors were all timestamped and saved in a big (!) database. So when, for example, Nattjouren tweeted from their custom iPad-application, this was saved in the cloud and scheduled for being published to Twitter and to the campaign site just after thirty minutes.

The whole public experience (both the campaign site and the digital billboards) was, in other words, running a thirty-minute-delayed version of reality. To amp up the visual look and feel, the experience changed mood based on time and weather.

Swift, React, NodeJS